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2016 UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis

We reveal the leading UK customer brands and how the importance of memory is playing a vital role in customer experience.

by David Conway (contact)
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Each year, KPMG Nunwood study the UK market to determine which brands are delivering the most outstanding experiences to their customers. This is achieved through 10,000 consumer interviews on over 280 UK brands.

The continuing quest to outperform competitors has led to an improvement in the UK Plc score overall for the first time in three years, as customer experience strategies begin to take effect. However, with customer expectations continuing to rise, it is becoming more and more difficult for firms to stay abreast of expectations, let alone exceed them.

At the heart of customer experience thinking in 2016 is the desire to create experiences that live in the memory, either directly through the superior quality of the experience, or indirectly through association, as is evident amongst the leaders. For Lush, it is about linking what it does to a memorable campaigning stance. For M&S Food, it is the part it plays in 'date nights.' For Apple Store, it is the cleverness of its geniuses. For Richer Sounds, it is the passion and exceptional knowledge of its people.

The recent KPMG UK CEO Outlook highlighted that the primary concern keeping CEOs awake at night is customer loyalty – how can we ensure we keep the customers we have?

The challenge for loyalty-fixated CEOs is to ensure their business satisfies the needs of the experiencing self, so that consumers are drawn to their brands, while they also provide experiential change that the remembering self can use to create memories that will bring consumers back again and again.

What is clear, is that the UK’s leading customer brands focus their operations on a singular, customer-based mission. They lead by example, and provide a fascinating insight into the kind of heights that can be reached through diligent customer experience management. What can you learn from these brands to drive your customer experience?

We reveal the leading UK customer brands and how the importance of memory is playing a vital role in customer experience.

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