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Clearing the gap | The gap between digital haves and digital have-nots

Research by KPMG shows how high-performing organisations are using digital technologies to become more competitive. How far has your organisation got on its digital journey?

by Adrian Clamp (contact), Nick Viles (contact)
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Digital technology has the power to transform businesses and increase profitability dramatically. But some organisations have been faster to take advantage of digital than others. As a result, there is now a clear divide between digital high-performers (the digital haves) and less advanced organisations (the digital have-nots).

Research by KPMG, in collaboration with Forbes Insights, examines how organisations are developing their digital and mobile capabilities. It also looks at what sets leading organisations apart.

  • Where are digital and mobile creating competitive advantage for organisations?
  • What technologies are businesses adopting and what are they using them for?
  • What impact are digital and mobile having on financial performance?
  • What are the most successful digital initiatives among respondents?
  • What are core digital and mobile strategies?

Explore some of the results in this infographic or request your copy of the full report now.


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