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Staying on the right side of the consumer privacy line

This research led report finds that, by misjudging attitudes to privacy and the use of personal data, companies risk alienating customers and losing their trust.

by Mark Thompson, Paul Cushion (contact)
2 minute read

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Consumers are often happy to share their personal data in exchange for a service or product that makes their lives easier, richer and sometimes cheaper. But when do they start to feel that companies have crossed the line? When does collecting and using personal data become creepy, not cool?

This report, based on a survey of almost 7,000 people in 24 countries, will help you to understand where the line lies and how not to cross it. This is important. If organisations misjudge attitudes to privacy their customers could start refusing to share their data making it harder for companies to develop new sources of revenue and engage with them.

Authorities worldwide are sharpening their focus on privacy. Many are introducing legislation to offer greater protection to consumers and harsher penalties for violations. This stricter approach should catapult privacy towards the top of organisations’ risk radars.

Privacy is a complex issue. The line between creepy and cool twists and shifts. This report will help you understand:

  • what type of practices consumers are comfortable with – and how this varies from region to region, and from generation to generation
  • which sectors consumers trust most and which need to work hardest to build trust
  • how failing to take privacy seriously could affect your organisation and business as a whole
  • where your organisation might already be falling foul of privacy regulation
  • how to develop a robust plan to get privacy right.

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This research led report finds that, by misjudging attitudes to privacy and the use of personal data, companies risk alienating customers and losing their trust.

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