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Customer first | Creating a customer centric business

Achieving customer centricity is no longer a differentiator. In the digital age it has become a matter of survival

by Adrian Clamp (contact)
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Download the KPMG 'Customer First' action plan here

Today's customers are better informed, better connected and more demanding than ever before. The recent KPMG Global CEO survey reported that 88% of CEOs are now concerned about customer loyalty and recognise that mastery of the customer agenda is essential. In the same survey, 79% of CEOs told us that their current business models are not disruptive enough.

It is clear that global leaders of successful businesses recognise that creating a customer centric, digitally-transformed business is a top priority. How to engage customers, increase customer loyalty and achieve profitable growth in the age of digital disruption? Almost every market is experiencing fundamental change; consumer expectations have shifted and digital technologies are making the biggest impact on businesses large and small since the start of the information age.

Ultimately, businesses need to navigate the challenges of digital disruption and find new ways to create economic value and drive profitable growth. With the theme of 'Customer First', this KPMG report details the six core capabilities of a customer centric business.

Our aim is to share the insight and practical experience KPMG has gained in helping clients in many sectors and markets around the world to successfully transform these capabilities to unlock new sources of customer value and compete successfully in the digital age.


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